About Mama Cranberry

The name Mama Cranberry was recently bestowed upon me, as a bit of a joke.  As the saying goes, if the shoe fits, wear it…and this fits pretty well.  I’m definitely not a June Cleaver kind of Mama.  Like a cranberry, I’m more of a “good for you and you know it, but may need to be sweetened up” kind of Mama.

Heather, aka Mama Cranberry
Heather, aka Mama Cranberry

My name is Heather.  I have been a mom for my whole adult life.

  • I have raised two kids (who are now well into adulthood)
  • Was a stay-at-home mom
  • Lived on a farm and in several cities
  • Raised animals, including chickens, sheep, pigs and dogs
  • Experimented with and grown gardens of all sizes and shapes

In addition to being a Mom, I have also been able to:

  • Go back to college & completed my bachelor’s degree, as well as have a successful career
  • Live in Alaska, Germany, Colorado, Minnesota and South Dakota
  • Travel all over
    • My Favorites include Yellowstone National Park and Hawaii

  We have also been fortunate (yes, I mean it) to have Food Allergies in our house.  They have enabled me to:

  • Research & teach myself how to make things like sausage, bacon, cheese and wine from scratch
  • Experiment with and cooking Gluten Free and Paleo recipes and dishes
  • Clean up our diet, and learn about ways to better nourish and nurture my family.

How I came to be here:

At lunch a few weeks ago, with my family, I told them that I thought “Mama Cranberry” had great blogging potential – as a place where I could share my experiences and knowledge of cooking, living Gluten Free, and living a healthier and simpler life.  My kids informed me that as Mama Cranberry, I also have to share lessons in basic life skills, such as money management, how to be frugal and thrifty, and how to get started and leave the nest, etc.

So, here at Mama Cranberry, I will share with You, my nuggets of knowledge and wisdom about life, passing on tools, tips and inspiration for making life a little easier, a little healthier, less stressful and simpler.

If you don’t see the answers to your questions here, feel free to Contact me and ask for them.