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Good Reads From Mama Cranberry
Good Reads From Mama Cranberry

I have always loved reading, and exploring the world through books.  The library has been one of my most favorite places to go…I even started dating my husband in a library!  There are so many good reads out there, these are a few of my current favorites.

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Currently Reading

  • Goddesses Never Age, by Dr. Christiane Northrup.  How often do you pick up a “health” or “self-improvement” book, read a few pages and say to yourself “Yay, I’m already on the right track”?  That is exactly what happened when I read the first few pages of this book.  Goddesses Never Age is a look at how aging doesn’t have to be miserable. We don’t have to expect to live with aches and pain in our older years.  She shares evidence that shows that living a pleasurable and happy life actually allows your body to heal and take care of itself.  With the fear mongering and drug pushing of today’s western medicine, I have found this to be very inspiring and a breathe of fresh air.


Fiction Reads

  • The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant.  This is an historical novel about Dinah, the sister of Joseph from the Old Testament.  The Red Tent takes us on an amazing journey through the biblical lands, all from the women’s points of view.  Through one woman’s amazing life we get to see what life might have been like in ancient times, as well as read a beautiful story of how life comes full circle.

  • Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell.  This is the book, that the Tom Hanks and Halle Berry movie of the same name was based on.  The movie is one of my favorites, as I love how the stories of people throughout the ages intertwine and inter-relate.  The book doesn’t do quite as good of a job showing that, but it is a very interesting read.

Historical Reads

  • The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World, by Adrianne Mayor.  I have a slight obsession with women’t history, so when I found this book I couldn’t resist.  It is a fascinating example of how the history that we are taught is fraught with more holes that swiss cheese.  Did you know that the “Amazon’s” were actually tribes of primarily nomadic peoples that spread from the Black Sea area of modern day Turkey, East to Mongolia and China?   Adrianne Mayor has provided us with a fascinating picture of who these women warriors really were.

  • The Invisible Sex, by J>M Adovasio, Olga Soffer & Jake Page.  I stumbled across this book at my local library.  It is a retelling of our most ancient ancestors, and the roles that women played in the earliest formations of civilization as we know it.  Forget about the hairy caveman hunting giant mammoths with a spear, and a scared small women hiding behind him.  There is actually evidence that “cave” women actually knew how to weave fine cloth thousands of years before we thought possible.  The new picture that is painted is of a more egalitarian society that only survived because of the cooperation of the whole group.

Inspirational Reads

  • The Book of Joy, Lasting Happiness in a Changing World, by the Dalai Lama, Archbisop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams.  I have enjoyed this book so much, that I actually bought it again, on paper, so I would be able to feel it in my hands, and never lose it.  The book is basically the recording of a five day long interview, by Douglas Abrams.  The dialog is all about living a Joyful life, how to do it, what it means and how these men (both in their 80’s) have lived Joyful lives in spite of (or maybe because of) a tremendous amount of turmoil and strife.  Douglas Abrams also brings in some of the latest science regarding Joy and how we are wired to live it.


Healthful Reads

  • The Nourished Metabolism, by Elizabeth Walling.  This book is described as a “Balanced Guide to How Diet, Exercise & Stress Impact Your Metabolic Health.”  I found it to be very comforting.  It’s a good read if you’re looking for a little inspiration to live healthier.  Rather than being another “you must do this” type of book, it helps guide you to a more nourished life.