How To Do A Spa Pedicure At Home

I love treating my self to pedicures.  Taking a little bit of time to relax and just take care of myself is important.  However, going to the spa isn’t always in my budget.  Plus, when I do it at home, I get to customize the experience to fit my needs.  Giving yourself a Pedicure at Home is simple, easy and inexpensive.

How to do a Spa Pedicure at Home
How to do a Spa Pedicure at Home

Pedicure Supplies

Home Pedicure Supplies
Home Pedicure Supplies
Soaking Pan

You don’t need to run out and buy any fancy equipment to have a nice pedicure at home.  To get started, you need a container large enough to soak your feet in.  I like to use an inexpensive, plastic dish pan.  While it isn’t glamorous, it is easy to keep clean and to store.  And, at under $5, I have a dedicated one just for me.


Next, you will need some kind of pumice or foot scrubber.  Over the years I think I have tried them all.  My favorite is this little bar style one from Sally Beauty Supply.  They are only a couple of dollars, and come in different colors so everyone can have their own.  Plus, they work better than almost anything else I’ve tried.

Pumice Bar
Pumice Bar from Sally Beauty Supply

If I’m soaking my feet in the house, I put a bath towel under my pan, and have a second towel handy for drying off my feet.  This way, I don’t have to worry about getting any water on my floor.

Soaking Solution

Finally, you are going to need to fill you pan up with water and something nice to soak your feet in.  There are so many options for this, but a few of my favorites are:

  • Epsom Salt
    • Epsom salt is not a salt, it is actually magnesium sulfate, and is known for providing relief to sore muscles.  You can buy Epsom salts plain or scented.  I like to buy mine plain, and then add in some essential oils to fit my mood.
  • Vinegar and Listerine
    • It sounds like a really strange combination, but it works.  It is great for softening up calluses! I mix equal parts of White Vinegar and Plain Listerine (3/4 – 1 cup each) into my hot water.  *Note, avoid the Blue Listerine…I have actually dyed parts of my feet blue by using it.
  • Sea Salt
    • Sometimes you just need something simple.  Sea Salt is that, and it is great with a few drops of your favorite essential oils.
  • Bath Bomb
    • If you want a little fizz in your soak, put in a small bath bomb (or a portion of one).
  • Store Bought Solutions
    • Treat yourself to the wide variety of options and varieties available.

Taking the Time for a Pedicure at Home

The most important thing you need to to take the time to really sit down and relax.  I know that you have earned it!

Put on some nice music, find your favorite book or magazine and a tasty beverage.  Sit down, and relax.  I like to soak for at least 20 minutes.  Then, I scrub and pumice, paint and lotion.  In the end, not only are my feet polished and happy, but I’m relaxed and rejuvenated.  🙂

Take a Break


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