Travel Journal: Yellowstone June 2017, Getting There

Travel Journal Yellowstone June 2017 Getting ThereYellowstone in the Spring

I love visiting Yellowstone National Park.  It has been almost 25 years since I’ve been there in the spring.  Spring is baby time – and we were able to see baby Buffalo, Elk and even a Baby Grizzly Bear!

Yellowstone Babies
Yellowstone Babies

This side trip, was part of a larger road trip to Seattle.  My son found a summer job in Seattle, and it was my “duty” to drive him out there.  Since he doesn’t remember going to Yellowstone when he was little, this trip was really the first trip for him.  We saw most of the major sites, a ton of animals, and did a great deal of hiking.

Getting to Yellowstone

Our adventure started by driving over the Bear Tooth Highway, in Montana.  The Bear Tooth area experienced a very snowy winter, and while the pass was open and the road dry, there were people out skiing in every spot they could find.

Beartooth Highway
Beartooth Highway

At the end of the Bear Tooth Highway is Cooke City, Montana, where we spent our first night.  We stayed at the High Country Motel & Cabins.  High Country offers really cute, clean rooms for a reasonable price.

Good Night's Sleep at High Country
Good Night’s Sleep at High Country


Cooke City is situated just a few miles outside of the Northwest Entrance to the park.  This makes it a great place to stay, either for just a night or two, or for your whole trip.

Aside from a great place to sleep, there are also a choice of restaurants and a couple of shops.  We took some time to wander through the historic Cooke City Store.  We enjoyed seeing the original counters, register and metal spice tins, as well as a nice selection of souvenirs and locally made items.

After a little shopping, we wandered up to the top of the street, and had a little dinner and drink at the Ore House Saloon, in the Soda Butte Lodge.  In the Saloon, you can enjoy your meal in front of floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the creek below.

For dessert, we stopped by Sylvia’s Sweet Shop.  They have a lovely selection of homemade fudge and caramels.  We bought some Huckleberry Fudge, as well as a couple of other varieties, and enjoyed them throughout our trip.

After a Good Night’s Sleep

After our nice meal, and walk back to the motel, we enjoyed a little down time before drifting off for a good night’s sleep.  We awoke refreshed, and ready for the next leg of our adventure.

See where the adventure takes us next.

*Please note that none of the links or suggestions above are paying for the privilege.  They are all places I visited, and enjoy.


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  1. After living in the Seattle area for awhile, and having never been to Yellowstone, this post makes me want to visit! I love all the details about where you stayed and the places to eat and such. Thank you for sharing the great places to stop!

    • Thank you Sara! I appreciate the feedback 🙂

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